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Moleskine Paper

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31 December
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Hello! My name is Kalli, except it really isn't.
My real name is actually Sarah but I'd prefer that you'd keep to my nickname, please. c:

I'm pretty much a laid-back chick who tends to contradict herself a lot. My mind tends to be forgetful with things as well so I need reminders constantly. |D This also means my interest tends to shift a lot without notice which gets annoying a lot but I guess that's just how I am?

I love owls and butterflies at the moment for no real reason. I just do. I also love drawing and creating new characters just because. I love thinking of outfits for them and wondering how they'll react to this situation, or that situation, etc. I love rping with others as well because I want my characters to interact with other people's creations. Its quite fun! I'd recommend it for everyone- at least once. That should be plenty enough for someone to fall in love with roleplays. X3

I also have a last.fm. Of course, naturally, I love music. This'll update with what I'm listening to but it tends to be a bit slow like me. Check my official last.fm page if you're just as impatient. :'D


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